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 Character System

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PostSubject: Character System   Wed May 03, 2017 1:02 pm

Character traits are abilities that your character was either born with, or obtains through experiences. All starting characters may choose one trait from the D Rank list as their starting trait. Every time they rank up, they may choose one additional trait to add to their character.
D Rank:
C Rank:
B Rank:
A Rank:
S Rank:
SS Rank:
SSS Rank:
X Rank:
H Rank:

Trait List:

Unlike Traits, Perks are an innate part of a character's being. Upon character creation, you roll the "Perk Dice" once to determine your character's perk. These are typically a passive or selective skill which gives your character a unique addition to their features that can aid you in and out of combat.
Perk List:
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Character System
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