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 Guild System

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PostSubject: Guild System   Wed May 03, 2017 1:01 pm

A guild is a type of organization that is comprised of mages. The idea is mostly centralized in Fiore, where individual guilds are more common. The member base of a guild is built upon characteristics of both the individual mage's skills and desires, as well as the guild's "direction" or goal as a whole. The purpose of a guild is to obtain and distribute job requests to the members of the guild.

In total, there are three types of guilds. Legal, Dark & Independent guilds. Legal guilds are founded upon law-abiding principles and are accepted by the Magic Council. Dark Guilds are often criminal organizations that are founded on illegal principles, such as killing and stealing. Needless to say, they do not have the Magic Council's approval to operate. Independent Guilds also do not have the Magic Council's permission to operate: however, the Magic Council tends to ignore these guilds so long as they abide by the law and don't stir up trouble.

There are a few positions to note. Everyone except a handful of the mages in a guild are "Normal" members. However, there is also two other positions in each guild.
Aces: In total, there are 3 Aces to each guild. Aces must at a minimum be S Rank. Aces are considered Vice-Guild Masters. They can make decisions for the guild if the guild master is dead, incapacitated or even inactive. One of these Aces may become the next guild master if the current one has died, or has been inactive for two weeks OOC. Two of three Aces must agree on whom is the next Guild master.
Guild Master:Guild Masters are the head of a guild. In all cases, they determine who joins a guild. They also deal with punishment if a guild member has broken a guild rule or Fiore law. Guild Masters can hand out jobs to their members and decide who their three Aces are.

How to join a guild
Whether you are in a different guild or guildless: if you have a reason to join a guild, then you must seek permission IC & OOC. First is OOC- you must ask the founding member of that guild(Or the current guild master) to join their guild. Lastly, you must IC meet with the guildmaster or one of the Aces of that guild and obtain permission to join their guild. Once approved, you will be branded with the guild insignia. Please note that you may only change guilds once a month.

How to create a guild
To create a guild is simple. A member must be the minimum of S Rank in order to make a guild. Permission from the Magic Council IC is required as well: they will have you fill out information regarding the intent of your guild, as well as determine whether your guild is a Legal or Independent guild.(Because Dark guilds don't seek permission) Once you have permission from the Magic Council, you may choose a designated location of your guild and with sufficient jewels- you may make your guild hall. Ranks, rules, customs, etc may all be determined by you. However, no guild is official until at least there are three members. Are there plot devices you wish your guild to be founded upon? Take it to the staff and if you have permission, you may include your own plot.
Creating a guild is 50,000 jewels.
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Guild System
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