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 Job System

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PostSubject: Job System   Wed May 03, 2017 1:00 pm

All across Fiore and beyond, regular humans are in need of the powers of mages. Mages are gifted with magic, but with power comes responsibilities! Everyone from the commoner to the royalty, request jobs of mages through various methods such as guilds, public job boards and even contracts. To mages and guilds, jobs are the main source of income for the individual and their associates. One should always keep in mind, their guild family and guild laws when taking on jobs. Jobs come in all shapes and sizes, from easy to impossible. So choose the right job for yourself and your teams: always remember that guilds are associated into three categories. Legal, Dark & Independent.
Legal Guilds:
Dark Guilds:
Independent Guilds:

Jobs accomplished with guild members have the rewards boosted by 25%. Special jobs consist of jobs with double the normal reward value in ONE of the two areas- Exp or Jewels.

  • Can only participate in jobs one rank above the user when someone of an equal or higher rank of the job being taken, is present.
  • Special missions are non-repeatable.
  • No more than 3 Special jobs can be done a week.
  • Only one job may be taken at a time.
  • Only members with approved characters may take jobs.
  • Jobs requiring combat must have either an approved magic or approved weapon.
  • The same job may only be done once a week IRL. That is, one week exactly from when you posted a final post for the job you wish to take again.
  • Read the job info. Some jobs have specific conditions for success.
  • All participants must do something. Don't stand back and let the others do all the work!

Jobs themselves are separated into many categories. Typically from the simplest of jobs to the most difficult. There are two main ways to distinguish jobs however, as "Normal" & "S Class Jobs"

Ranked Jobs:

How to do a job

How to do a job? That's easy! Unlike other forums which require you to post a permission to do a job: here, all you do is write the job up and turn it in! Please be aware however that doing a job you are not qualified for, means you forfeit all rewards. Along with a list of jobs, there will also be a section for turning in completed jobs: that will be where you turn in the job and include any other participants who joined you. Please notice that most jobs have a specific word count requirement to be completed. A job cannot be completed with both IC having accomplished the task, as well as meeting the OOC word count requirement.

Job Bonuses
Certain jobs will have bonuses! These jobs WILL have specific things that must be accomplished during the mission, to make you eligible for the bonus. Job bonuses do not stack with other bonuses like guild team bonuses or Special bonuses. Job bonuses may never amount to more than half of the job's original reward amount. The types of bonuses are these.

  • Guild Bonus: When 2 or more guild members partake in a mission. Anyone not in that guild will not receive that bonus.
  • Special Bonus: Special job bonuses are unique missions that can only be completed once for each character. These missions typically have a much higher reward amount, but my never exceed 100% of the original reward for the job. Only one of the two Experience or Jewel rewards may be selected and not both.
  • Specific Bonus: The Specific Bonus, is a bonus that members become eligible for IF they complete specific details during the mission. These rewards may never exceed half of the job's original reward amount.

Mentor System:

Dice System:

Additional Info
Replacements for jobs are acceptable. You may not replace another member unless they have not posted within the acceptable 48Hour rule.
Reinforcements for jobs are acceptable. However, if you call reinforcements, you will lose 25% of the job's reward. You will also lose any bonus exp or rewards.
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Job System
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