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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Wed May 03, 2017 1:00 pm

FTR uses five stats to determine everything between physical and magical sense. These are Strength(STR), Speed(SPD), Hit Points(HP), Magic Attack(MGA) & Magic Defense(MGD). Each has their own advantages, but it is impossible for a mage to reach the maximum in all of these stats. So choose wisely when placing your stat points! With our experience system, there is no cap in how many points can be placed in the individual stat values. Just keep in mind that the more stat points you place in one area, is a lesser amount in another area. The cap for all stats, is 300 points. Nothing may raise the cap and it will be heavily enforced/monitored.

Strength: STR- Strength is the physical attack stat that determines physical damage through melee attack. Strength is useful, however it is also lower in damage compared to Magic Attack. 1 Point in STR correlates to +.1% HP damage in attack.

Speed: SPD- Speed is the physical stat which determines physical movement. Flyng speed is 1.5x the normal SPD value. So if you have 100SPD, this means that while flying, you would have 150SPD.

Hit Points: HP- Hit Points are the physical stat which determines how much life or vitality you possess. The more HP you have, the longer you are going to survive from taking hits! When your HP reaches 0, you pass out in non-death enabled threads. You will die in death-enabled threads however, so be careful! 1HP is 1 life point. Relatively lower than Magic Attack or Magic Defense: taking several high ranking magic attacks could quickly lead to dying! You will also notice that monsters have much higher HP than humans.

Magic Attack: MGA- Magic Attack is the magical stat that determines the damage modifier of your spells. The higher your MGA is, the more damage your magic spells will deal. Note that this can also be countered by Magical Defense. 1MGA point correlates to +0.5% damage to your spells. It may seem insgnificant, but at a much higher value, you will see a great improvement to your spells! Below is the base damage of spells per rank.
Base Damage:

Magic Defense: MGD- Magical Defense is the magical stat which determines your resistance modifier to spells. The higher your MGD, the less overall damage you will receive from magical attacks. Please note that MGD only affects MGA and not physical attacks. 1 MGD point correlates to .1% MGA resistance. Maxed out, this means the most you can resist is 30% of incoming magical damage. This can be changed with buffs and debuffs.
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Stat System
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