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 Experience System

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PostSubject: Experience System   Wed May 03, 2017 1:14 pm

Here on FTR, we focus more on an experience system to determine individual strengths and weaknesses rather than based off of rank. While rank is important and defines the general sense of a mage's ability, rank is more of a feature designated to determine someone's responsibilities. Naturally, responsibilities and rank go hand-in-hand with the experience system. Experience is a accumulative reward and isn't deducted upon a rankup. The higher your experience, the higher level you are!

Experience Level
D Rank Mage:
C Rank Mage:
B Rank Mage:
A Rank Mage:
S Rank Mage:
SS Rank Mage:
SSS Rank Mage:
X Rank Mage:
H Rank Mage:
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Experience System
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